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2020-07-09: How comes it’s virtually impossible to buy a decent pair of Nike SB Dunks now? Either you find …

2020-07-08: Okay, so I’m yet again back on This time I think I’m going to try have it replace …

2019-09-20: Text Case 2.2 Blog Post:… App Store: …

2019-09-13: I’ve updated my post about the iPhone battery life with two charts. The first using only the …

2019-07-23: I’m a bit late to the party, but here are some thoughts regarding Airmail’s recent …

2019-07-21: Stopping Audio at the Front Door I’m not sure if this is a thing that other people do. But I never listen to anything, whether …

2019-07-15: Our cat is really weird.

2019-05-23: I just came across a lonely post on Reddit under /r/blogs, titled “Girlfriend in a …

2019-05-22: Jay has decided to join me in my office, while I play some games after finishing work.

2019-05-21: I’ve decided to reactivate my hosted micro blog. I deactivated it 10 months ago, as I put …

2018-07-31: I’m currently in the process of moving all my content from my hosted blog, to my main …

2018-07-30: A lovey 20GB IDE drive turned up today! I’ll be fitting this into my iMac G3 soon.

2018-07-30: Native UI I’m working on an app at work where I’m regularly implementing new sections/views. And I’ve become …

2018-07-20: What does someone like me do during their lunch break at work? I watch the hour long World of …

2018-07-20: New USB C cable to charge my iPad I didn’t want to purchase a 30w USB C charger and Lightning cable just to charge my iPad. But …

2018-07-20: One thing that really annoys me about iMessage/Messages app, is if you send a message on a device …

2018-07-19: A new addition to my website I’ve made a long needed addition to my blog, a sidebar. I’ve been restricted to the top …

2018-07-18: I took my MacBook to work today so I could play the Battle for Azeroth Pre Patch. I was pretty …

2018-07-16: They never call my name out

2018-07-16: I don't like using external monitors anymore When I started my first job as an iOS Developer just over a year ago, I was really excited about my …

2018-07-16: I’ve got a new build of Slate uploading to Apple now. It has one change - better detection of images …

2018-07-14: Things change very fast. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

2018-07-12: The Text Case release continues to get better! It’s now been covered on Cult of Mac - …

2018-07-08: I only released Text Case yesterday, but I’ve already got an update ready! It went great, and …

2018-07-06: Work is hard.


2018-07-02: Check out “Gaming in the Obscure” by Jonn Blanchard on Kickstarter

2018-07-02: Currently reading: Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History by Eric Chaline, ISBN: …

2018-06-30: Everyone knows it, I’m an arse ☝🏻 😊

2018-06-30: Just heading to a family party with a Spanish theme. There was only ever one option, …

2018-06-27: A few extra photos from the sunset last night.

2018-06-26: 🌄🌾

2018-06-24: I still think it’s strange that I can take a photo of the Moon on my phone.

2018-06-23: Quick video showing how Text Case will work via an Action Extension.

2018-06-22: Here’s a little project that I really want to finish off soon.

2018-06-22: Swift Tip: Loading Images From the Web Into a UIImageView…

2018-06-15: London

2018-06-15: My World Cup Predictions 🌍 🏆 ⚽️ 🏟 Group Stages Group A Winners: Uruguay 🇺🇾 Runners up: Egypt 🇪🇬 Group B Winners: Spain 🇪🇸 Runners …

2018-06-11: All the cool things I’ve been writing about Slate today are on the way! If you want access to …

2018-06-11: My public GitHub Gist “iOS Icon Sizes” has now been updated for iOS 12! …

2018-06-11: Slate sneak peek! Post content is better spaced out. In-line images have been made smaller. …

2018-06-11: Test post, including italics and bold text.

2018-06-11: Formatting Improvement in Slate A massive improvement has just been made to Slate! I’ve found a new way to convert the html content …

2018-06-10: Just a quick video showing the current state of Slate: I’ve just added replying to …

2018-06-10: New bonsai! 🌳

2018-06-10: New bonsai! 🌳 #Bonsai

2018-06-10: I finally watched Avengers: Infinity War this morning. It was an incredible film nearly all the …

2018-06-09: Swift Tip: Counting Enum Cases in Swift 4.2 – Chris Hannah

2018-06-08: Swift Tip: Hiding Extra Separators on a UITableView…

2018-06-08: My New Swift Tips Blog Regarding my ramblings yesterday about starting a new blog for swift development tips, I’ve …

2018-06-07: I want to start writing more Swift tutorials/tips/things, so don’t be surprised if I create a …

2018-06-04: 🚂 #ObscuraApp #ShotoniPhone

2018-06-04: Microsoft Will Acquire Coding Site GitHub → Bloomberg: The software maker has agreed to acquire GitHub, the code-repository company popular …

2018-06-04: I am 100% certain I will be installing the iOS 12 betas to all of my devices immediately after …

2018-06-03: There was some editorial artwork for Xcode leaked by Guilherme Rambo, so of course Matt Birchler …

2018-06-03: In preparation for possible improvements to notifications in iOS 12, I’ve turned on …

2018-06-01: After playing (and completing) the demo of Factorio last night, I ended up purchasing the full game. …

2018-05-30: My Wishes for WWDC A working Xcode that doesn’t have SourceKit crashing every 15 minutes. Always on Apple Watch face. …

2018-05-28: 🐈 #Obscura

2018-05-27: 🐶💤 #Obscura

2018-05-26: Snow Leopard

2018-05-25: Update to the Apple/Valve Situation A short update regarding my earlier piece on Apple blocking Steam’s Steam Link app. Turns out …

2018-05-25: Apple and Valve’s Steam Link App At first glance, Apple rejecting Valve’s Steam Link seems like a bad idea. However, I haven’t yet …

2018-05-25: Here’s a screenshot of me writing my last post in Slate 😜 I really wanted to add an image to the …

2018-05-25: Current state of posting in Slate I recently started working on one of the most important parts of Slate, composing and publishing …

2018-05-24: Just spent a bit more time working on the structure of the compose view. It’s all nice and …

2018-05-24: This should be an interesting read. 📖

2018-05-22: Of course I’ve already got the new build, but then again I did just make it. 😜

2018-05-22: I know I said the next build of Slate will be with composing, but I spotted a few bugs that I had to …

2018-05-17: This post is to check the varying statuses of progress while posting something to your blog. When I …

2018-05-17: I’m going to either have to create a separate account for the Slate testing, or I’ll have to just …

2018-05-16: Now for the second…

2018-05-16: This is officially the first post from Slate for iOS. It is also the first time the code to publish …

2018-05-15: Quick hack to make AirPods charge wirelessly. 😜

2018-05-15: Monetising Slate Although I’m not thinking it about it too much right now, I’m not completely sure how …

2018-05-14: As much as I find the constant emails from businesses, about the need to now opt-in to their …

2018-05-13: Slate v0.4 I’ve done enough for v0.4 of Slate I think, so I’ll upload that to TestFlight now. And …

2018-05-12: Slate is looking a bit nicer today! I’ve been adding a few extra images, doing minimal US …

2018-05-11: I really want to start working on the ability to compose posts in Slate, since it’s one of the …

2018-05-11: I’ve just come up with a safer way to sign up for the Slate beta. Here’s a simple form …

2018-05-10: Slate v0.3 It’s time for me to push another beta version of Slate! Honestly, I didn’t complete …

2018-05-10: Google Assistant is out there getting its hair cut, and booking restaurant reservations, while Siri …

2018-05-10: Some more design work on Slate!

2018-05-09: BBC: Meet the robots that can pick and plant better than we can Video

2018-05-09: My home screen is looking pretty good at the moment!

2018-05-09: Here are the next things I plan to work on for Slate. There’s still a long way to go. It …

2018-05-09: Icro is certainly very well designed. Which means, I know what I’ll be getting up tonight!

2018-05-09: Apple will have to announce quite a lot of new stuff if they want to compete with Google IO. I am …

2018-05-09: I just watched the Google I/O 2018 keynote in 14 minutes video from The Verge, and I really wish …

2018-05-09: British Invasion: Localize Your .m Files, For Queen and Country GitHub

2018-05-08: National Geographic: The island nation of Palau has taken a bold step in a new direction towards …

2018-05-08: Flitter is by far the best looking Twitter client for iOS. And the customisation options are …

2018-05-04: I’m really obsessd with the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game, and I plan on writing at least …

2018-05-04: I’m a big fan of the redesign!

2018-05-03: A very disappointing evening. [123/365]

2018-05-02: Did some spring cleaning to my blog. [122/365]

2018-05-02: It arrived! [121/365]

2018-04-30: One of the features I use the most on my Apple Watch, is to make my iPhone ping so I can find it. …

2018-04-30: A small change that will simplify my blogging workflow I finally bit the (very small) bullet and did a minuscule amount of editing to my blog’s theme, to …

2018-04-30: I’ve finally ordered an adapter, so my Apple Keyboard II should have its first use (by me) very …

2018-04-30: Yet another day at the zoo. [119/365]

2018-04-29: !!

2018-04-29: !!

2018-04-28: The edge. [118/365]

2018-04-28: This is what people do on Friday evenings? [117/365]

2018-04-28: The best type of coffee! [116/365]

2018-04-26: Another one of my plants that are growing well. [115/365]

2018-04-26: Started and finished the whole series. [114/365]

2018-04-25: Back to work. [113/365]

2018-04-23: Sweden → London [112/365]

2018-04-23: Possibly one of the best parts of Telegram.

2018-04-22: Another sunny day in Stockholm. [111/365]

2018-04-20: A day walking around natural Stockholm. 🇸🇪 [110/365]




2018-04-20: It’s official! Here I am giving an interview to the press, after accepting the role of Arsenal …

2018-04-20: Merci Arsène 😢 🔴⚪️⚽️ #OnlyOneArseneWenger

2018-04-20: Breakfast of champions.

2018-04-19: #Reflections #shotoniphone

2018-04-19: #Reflections #shotoniphone

2018-04-19: Got this packed and ready again! [108/365]

2018-04-17: Got myself a trendy new Aukey power bank. [107/365]

2018-04-17: Slate 😍 [106/365]

2018-04-17: I didn’t feel like tackling any big chunks of work with Slate tonight, so instead I spent a …

2018-04-17: I just realised that v0.2 of Slate hadn’t actually been sent to beta testers yet! However, …

2018-04-16: After about 45 minutes, I have inline images working! Completely separate to the post content, so it …

2018-04-16: They still haven’t released Skate 4, so I had to get this. [105/365]

2018-04-14: Went to a very scenic adventure golf course! [104/365]

2018-04-13: Two new books for the collection! 📚 [103/365]

2018-04-12: I’m getting used to this setup. [102/365]

2018-04-11: Disney Trivial Pursuit. [101/365]

2018-04-11: Google Translate on the Train Someone on the train is talking about an exciting new app that a friend of his discovered. It lets …

2018-04-10: Just had another random burst of development Continuing the theme support in Slate. [100/365]

2018-04-10: Miserable London. [99/365]

2018-04-08: Zoo day! [98/365]

2018-04-07: London 🌃 [97/365]

2018-04-06: 13 months of unread National Geographic magazines. I should really start reading them. [96/365]

2018-04-06: What a game! 🤩 [95/365]

2018-04-05: Check out my friends IndieGoGo campaign! Three printed magazines on their recent travels. NOTEBOOK …

2018-04-05: These seem so much more realistic than the classic top-down shots you usually see from satellite …

2018-04-04: 🍝 🤤 [94/365]

2018-04-03: A truly magical device. [93/365]





2018-04-03: Here’s a Charmander sketch I did at lunch! 🔥 🦎

2018-04-02: The first thing I did on my new iPad Pro was a quick sketch of Eevee. [92/365]

2018-04-01: A good trip to The Emirates today! 🔴⚽️ [91/365]

2018-03-31: 🐔🐔🐔 [90/365]

2018-03-30: We’ve got a temporary tortoise. [89/365]

2018-03-29: Free Easter Egg at work! [88/365]

2018-03-29: You can tell how old my jeans are, by the lovely mark of an iPhone 5S on the left pocket.

2018-03-28: It’s near inevitable that I will end up purchasing an iPad Pro. [87/365]

2018-03-28: My mini terrarium in a jar has now got quite a well growing, but infant, chilli plant! 🌶 I’m very …

2018-03-28: Pro gamer. 🎮 [85/365]

2018-03-25: Store Man: “Can I help?” Rebecca: “Do you have any fridge magnets? For the Isle of Sheppey?” Store …

2018-03-25: I need a better graphics card. [84/365]



2018-03-24: 🇮🇳 [83/365]

2018-03-23: Take your skateboard to work day. [82/365]

2018-03-23: Not exactly a modern game. [81/365]

2018-03-22: I’m the warden. [80/365]

2018-03-21: 🐶 🙂 [79/365]

2018-03-20: It’s a forgotten AirPods day today. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🔇

2018-03-20: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is finished. Which means I’ve now read 7 books already this …

2018-03-19: 🎩 🐶 [77/365]

2018-03-17: Pretty rare event, I managed to get Rebecca to go to Nandos for lunch. [76/365]

2018-03-17: If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when restaurants serve your dinner unassembled. [75/365]

2018-03-17: I know they’re really bad quality, but I couldn’t not buy these! [74/365]

2018-03-14: I’ve just finished ready Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. It still shocks me how different …

2018-03-14: That’s correct, I bought a baby Murloc. [73/365]

2018-03-14: Enough Chinese to feed Africa. [72/365]

2018-03-13: It’s a day of experiments today! Checking out Swift Package Manager, building a generic library, CI, …

2018-03-12: Catching up on podcasts today. [71/365]

2018-03-12: Testing a new home screen!

2018-03-12: TLDR: Don’t shave.

2018-03-11: I guess only Starbucks could spell ”Chris” wrong. [70/365]

2018-03-11: Turns out I can’t play poker. [69/365]

2018-03-11: It seems I can’t read anything other than Harry Potter. [68/365]

2018-03-08: What a performance from the team tonight! [67/365]

2018-03-08: I guess this is for International Womens day. Everyone’s desk at work has a cupcake with a famous …

2018-03-08: ☀️🏢 [66/365]

2018-03-07: 🐶 [65/365]

2018-03-06: Someone should bring back Google Glass, just to write an eBook reader for it. Then I could read …

2018-03-05: This should be interesting! [64/365]

2018-03-04: Triceratops at the Natural History Museum. [63/365]

2018-03-04: Me and Rebecca know how to spend a Saturday night. [62/365]

2018-03-03: Homemade beer fridge. [61/365]

2018-03-01: Snow cat. [60/365]

2018-02-28: Cold day in London. [59/365]

2018-02-28: Still just reading Harry Potter every day. [58/365]

2018-02-28: London ❄️

2018-02-27: A reading/writing kind of evening! [57/365]

2018-02-25: Interface design! [56/365]

2018-02-25: Here’s the progress of Hydrate. I’ve just made a few UI tweaks, and made the progress ring …

2018-02-25: Finally started using one of my Panobooks today! I’m trying to finish up one of my apps that I …

2018-02-25: Late night WoW session! [55/365]

2018-02-23: Thank god for beer Friday. [54/365]

2018-02-23: Ugh. [53/365]

2018-02-22: We have a new flag at work. [52/365]

2018-02-20: Rebecca made me a cheesecake! 🤤 🍰 [51/365]

2018-02-19: I’m using Harry Potter in order to make me read more books! Just need to start reading more …

2018-02-19: 😎

2018-02-19: Just update my /now page!

2018-02-19: For some strange reason, while I was making an instant coffee in a travel cup for the commute, I …

2018-02-18: This is why I hate modern games.

2018-02-18: The only time I tend to do a good deal of reading is in airports. [49/365]

2018-02-18: Just doing some intellectual reading at the airport. #Copenhagen #Travel #HarryPotter …

2018-02-17: Vegan pizza. 🍕 [48/365]


2018-02-17: Tourists

2018-02-16: Everything is pretty cold. [47/365]

2018-02-15: Managed to find an Arsenal pub in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰 [46/365]

2018-02-15: ✈️ ☕️

2018-02-14: Happy Valentines Day ❤️ 🧜🏼‍♀️ [45/365]

2018-02-13: A very high percentage of my life is spent in train stations. [43/365]

2018-02-12: In a rare 30 minute burst of development on Slate, I added: Tapping a user’s image, opens …

2018-02-12: New shirt arrived today! [43/365]

2018-02-11: Waffles! [42/365]

2018-02-11: Happy Gilmore! 🏌️‍♂️ [41/365]

2018-02-09: Moved desks again at work. 👨🏻‍💻 [40/365]

2018-02-09: Nando’s for lunch! 🐔 🥘

2018-02-08: I finally moved my chilli plants to a bigger pot from the small cup they were planted in. [39/365]

2018-02-07: Always watching. [38/365]

2018-02-06: Another day of meetings. Luckily I have this view. [37/365]

2018-02-06: January Blog Statistics 📈💰 After signing up my blog for Carbon Ads at the start of January, I’ve just had my first set of …

2018-02-06: I had all these ideas about what new Swift stuff I was going to work on tonight, instead I’ve been …

2018-02-04: Very windy day at the seaside. [35/365]

2018-02-03: Beer and Football! 🍺 ⚽️ [34/365]

2018-02-02: Packing again for a weekend away. [33/365]

2018-02-01: I don’t share. [32/365]

2018-01-31: A day to remember. [31/365]

2018-01-31: A day to forget. [30/365]

2018-01-29: Typora is a very impressive writing tool. Integrate your own css, and it can feel like you’re …

2018-01-28: I finally finished a book! [28/365]

2018-01-27: 122 unread posts in my RSS reader. Let’s see how much I can thin that list down, before I …

2018-01-27: Leaving Berlin! [27/365]

2018-01-26: Reichstag. [26/365]

2018-01-26: Dinner

2018-01-26: Dinner

2018-01-26: Lunch


2018-01-25: Dinner! 🍕

2018-01-25: When in Berlin… [25/365]

2018-01-25: Lunch time!

2018-01-24: Brandenburg Gate [24/365]

2018-01-24: First meal in Berlin. 🇩🇪

2018-01-23: All packed for Berlin. 👝 [23/365]

2018-01-23: This little gem has got me through packing luggage for the last few years. This time, it’s for …

2018-01-23: Just under 2 days until I’m off to Berlin! [22/365]

2018-01-21: Probably not the best day for the beach. [21/365]

2018-01-20: Just arrived in Bournemouth! [20/365]

2018-01-20: As usual, a day filled with programming. Both at work, and at home. [19/365]

2018-01-20: Who’s liking the new design?

2018-01-19: Here’s a quick video, showing the new feature I just added to my app. Infinite conversations! …

2018-01-19: More Generic Stuff in My App Started some pretty cool stuff in my app last night - generic views for lists of posts! I …

2018-01-19: Suggested serving size was 8, actual serving size was just over 4. [18/365]

2018-01-18: Loads more work on this little project, it’s certainly progressing quite well! [17/365]

2018-01-17: Spent part of my lunch time, adding in the /users/following/[username] endpoint into my …

2018-01-16: Profile page. To be continued…

2018-01-16: Just added some more cool stuff to my app! Caching for any type of object, a basic …

2018-01-16: Thanks to the /account/verify endpoint, I’ve now added some real verification for logging in …

2018-01-16: Train programming. [16/365]

2018-01-16: Login in my app “works”! I had to write some generic navigation stuff, and better handling for …

2018-01-16: Micro Blog iOS App Progress - Login UI I thought I’d do some more work on my iOS client this evening. So far it can only …

2018-01-15: Work life. [15/365]

2018-01-14: Sat around with the cat most of the day! [14/365]

2018-01-14: Went to the British Museum for the Harry Potter exhibition, no photography was allowed inside …

2018-01-13: 🦆

2018-01-13: Went out for dinner! [12/365]

2018-01-11: Forever on a train. [11/365]

2018-01-10: It may seem like a boring score, but it’s better than what usually happens in this type of game. …

2018-01-09: Pretty miserable day in London. [9/365]

2018-01-09: I didn’t do much yesterday, apart from working on some watch stuff for work! [8/365]

2018-01-09: Just a quick photo of documents being burned at the House of Commons.

2018-01-07: A nice twist on a good game! [7/365]

2018-01-06: Chilling with this cat all day! [6/365]

2018-01-05: The restaurant ran out of cheesecake, so I had another beer for dessert. [5/365]

2018-01-04: Sitting at my desk all day today. Luckily I have a new BB8 light! 🤖 [4/365]

2018-01-03: Played really well, but the referee changed the game. [3/365]

2018-01-02: Back to work as usual. [2/365]

2018-01-02: Easily Clear Out Xcode Simulator I’ve been getting annoyed recently with the amount of simulators I had installed in Xcode at …

2018-01-02: Pretty much played World of Warcraft all day today. [1/365]

2018-01-01: Welcome, 2018. 👋🏻

2017-12-30: Avatar Images The avatar images “work”! I have them displaying properly, downloading properly, and also …

2017-12-30: I just moved one section of code in my app that dealt with parsing the content of a post, …

2017-12-29: Insights Into the Performance of My Blog A few months ago, I started working on my own analytics service for my blog. I did this for many …

2017-12-28: SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Timelapse →… 🚀🌌

2017-12-28: ☕️ ☕️ ☕️

2017-12-25: As usual, it’s Christmas day and my body still forces me to wake up early. I’m 25, but …

2017-12-25: “But you’re English?” I don’t care! 🇩🇪

2017-12-24: Some more progress on my iOS project today! I have Timeline, Mentions, Favourites, and …

2017-12-23: I’ll just leave this here…

2017-12-21: Little book for a little club.

2017-12-21: Turns Out, Apple Are Slowing Down Phones! Matthew Panzarino writing for TechCrunch: Because of a Reddit post and the loose interpretation of …

2017-12-21: The Last Jedi was amazing in so many different ways. I need to see it again!

2017-12-20: It’s Last Jedi time!

2017-12-20: Pokémon GO Will Soon Use ARKit! Coming straight from the Pokémon GO blog: Trainers, Get ready for even more realistic Pokémon …

2017-12-20: Better String in Swift Using Stryng If you write in Swift, then there’s a good chance you’ve tried to access a section …

2017-12-20: Fluid Slider by Ramotion This has got to be one of the nicest sliders I’ve seen. “Fluid Slider - A slider widget with a …

2017-12-20: Being Surprised by an Apple Watch App I was pleasantly surprised by an Apple Watch app yesterday! That’s certainly something that doesn’t …

2017-12-19: Sharing Blog Posts to Micro.Blog Using Workflow! In the latest update to for iOS, support was added for a URL scheme to start composing a …

2017-12-19: I’m liking the idea of having a temporary announcement section at the top of my blog!

2017-12-17: The redesign is going quite well! I think I have every “feature” in the new theme, apart from …

2017-12-16: I’ve now started the long process of moving my blog from Ghost to WordPress. Starting with …

2017-12-13: Another Perspective on "Pro" Just another perspective on the iMac Pro and generic “Pro” definition debate: What if a …

2017-12-11: 🌅⛄️

2017-12-11: I’ve finished my big (1700 words) year in review post. But now the dilemma is: when should I …

2017-12-11: 🌅 ⛄️

2017-12-10: I’m now up to 7/9 sections finished of my year in review post! 📝

2017-12-10: Best 9 photos of this year! Pretty much sums up my life.

2017-12-08: After a few days of ideas and planning, I’ve started my 2017 year in review blog post! So far …

2017-12-08: Man Gets Head Stuck in Cemented Microwave In the ever philosophical words of Hermione Granger: What an idiot. Watch on YouTube.

2017-12-08: I tried out MarsEdit for the first time last night, and it just makes me even more sad that my blog …

2017-12-07: Possibly Moving From Ghost I’m starting to seriously consider moving my blog over from Ghost. It’s a really minimal …

2017-12-06: Now for the boring part of an aeroplane journey.

2017-12-05: 🏝☀️

2017-12-04: Another day at the beach. 🏝

2017-12-03: One of them fancy lock rails. 🔒

2017-12-03: Just a random Parrot…

2017-12-03: One of them fancy lock rails. 🔒 #Lanzarote #shotoniphone

2017-12-02: ☀️ #Lanzarote #ShotoniPhone

2017-12-01: Lanzarote Lighthouse💡 🌊

2017-12-01: The water is so clear here, I kept nearly walking into the sea by accident! 💦

2017-12-01: The water is so clear here, I kept nearly walking into the sea by accident! 💦

2017-11-30: This sunset! 🇪🇸☀️👌🏻🌅

2017-11-30: This sunset! 🇪🇸☀️👌🏻🌅

2017-11-30: Isn’t life stressful? 😜☀️🇪🇸🙌🏻💦✈️👌🏻

2017-11-30: Isn’t life stressful? 😜☀️🇪🇸🙌🏻💦✈️👌🏻

2017-11-30: Nice iced up plane wing!

2017-11-29: Cold morning in London. ❄️ 🌳

2017-11-29: Cold morning in London. ❄️ 🌳

2017-11-28: Inside my mini terrarium. 🌱🗿🍃

2017-11-28: Inside my mini terrarium. 🌱🗿🍃

2017-11-27: Sunrise by the river. ☀️ 💦

2017-11-27: Sunrise by the river. ☀️ 💦

2017-11-26: Mini terrarium inside a jar. 🌿🌱

2017-11-26: Peacock in Holland Park.

2017-11-23: Just been for dinner at Inamo in Soho, London. Very nice food! And the whole table was interactive! …

2017-11-23: The most basic task manager you can get. 📝

2017-11-20: Henning Wehn has now become my new favourite comedian. 😆 🇩🇪

2017-11-20: SOLID v1.1 Released! SOLID v1.1 is now available to download (for free) from the App Store! Updates including: Standard …

2017-11-20: Eddie Redmayne‘s acting in “The Theory of Everything” is just perfection. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2017-11-19: The final build of SOLID v1.1 is done! Anything else I add, will be in a future release. 😜 So …

2017-11-19: 👍

2017-11-19: Look at this beautiful iOS solid colour wallpaper generator!

2017-11-19: SOLID v1.1 Update Some good improvements to SOLID! In v1.0, the app was a simple single view that allowed you to …

2017-11-19: Some good app development going on tonight!…

2017-11-13: 🇬🇧

2017-11-12: The chilli seeds I got from Wahaca are growing well!

2017-11-08: If you thought Workflow was dead, you were wrong! Workflow 1.7.7 Brings Drag and Drop Integration, …

2017-11-02: Qwiki is now 1/3 off! My app Qwiki is now 1/3 off! Purely because it hasn’t received so much attention recently …

2017-11-01: Sometimes I really hate using Xcode.

2017-11-01: Wow, I did not expect Finland to have it’s own set of emoji.



2017-10-31: Just chilling with my friend Bones at work! 💀

2017-10-28: IMDB Top Something Workflow I just spent my evening making a workflow that requests the top however many movies from IMDB, …

2017-10-27: The sunset in London, and also a few handy reflections. 🌅

2017-10-27: No new iPhone order for myself today. Not really an issue though, because I didn’t even want …

2017-10-26: 🌳☀️🌳

2017-10-25: With all this fog, I think it must be shorts weather!

2017-10-24: Arsenal losing 1-0 to Norwich after 85 minutes, Eddie Nketiah comes on for his competitive debut, …

2017-10-22: Superb football today from Arsenal! Arsene waited until his birthday to unleash the deadly trio of …

2017-10-22: World of Warcraft brings out the dedication in me. (This is just one character).

2017-10-14: 🍹🍸🍺

2017-10-05: London 🌅

2017-10-04: Cheesecake! 🍰

2017-10-01: Kyoto Garden ⛩

2017-09-26: ⌚️⌚️

2017-09-26: 🌲 🏢

2017-09-22: 🚲 🚲 🚲

2017-09-21: 🏙

2017-09-15: He looked back in anger…



2017-09-09: Good 3-0 win at the Emirates!


2017-09-05: “Views” - Drake

2017-08-31: Saw some pretty cool animals today! I even held some random birds, including a Bald Eagle! 🦅. …

2017-08-30: Last real night in Tenerife!

2017-08-25: Not a bad view. 🏊

2017-08-24: Sea Lions at a water park!

2017-08-22: There’s no way these are hot dogs!

2017-08-20: Someone needs to turn the render distance up.

2017-08-20: Portrait Mode. #ShotoniPhone

2017-08-20: It’s like a jungle outside our hotel room. 🌴🌱🌳🌴🍃

2017-08-19: #ShotoniPhone

2017-08-19: Is this how you iPad?

2017-08-19: I don’t think I’ll be getting a Coconut Latte here. 🌴☕️

2017-08-18: Only took me about 10 minutes in the hotel before I found a new friend.

2017-08-17: Checked in, and now waiting for the gate!

2017-08-07: Looks like he’s driving! #ShotoniPhone

2017-08-05: The sky looks pretty cool!

2017-08-04: 🌅

2017-08-04: Pretty nice day in London today!

2017-08-03: My mum got me a mini gift for my graduation!

2017-07-27: Look what’s arrived! 😍⌨️ #apple #keyboard #retro #appleextendedkeyboard #AEK #AEKII

2017-07-23: Working on the history view in #Hydrate!

2017-07-16: 🛩


2017-07-08: #KAWS

2017-06-30: #AlwaysSwifting

2017-06-27: Just have my first mini-presentation at work. Of course I used emoji. 🙌🏻

2017-06-24: This sticker just 💯 gets me.

2017-06-21: Meat Mission with @rebeccarobot 🍔

2017-06-19: 🎥 👀!!!!!!!!!

2017-06-19: 😎

2017-06-15: ☕️

2017-06-13: View from the office.

2017-06-13: I’ve got that dual screen wallpaper style! 😜

2017-06-09: Lunch in a proper pub!

2017-06-06: Installing High Sierra on the second Mac!

2017-05-29: 🌊

2017-05-28: 🚣

2017-05-27: The sun was rising early this morning! This was just after 3 am, on the way up to Norfolk!

2017-05-22: Sunset at Ivinghoe Beacon 🌅

2017-05-20: 🍺

2017-05-13: #Eurovision

2017-05-09: Just about to start my 8000 word report for university. I have just 9 days to get it done! 😬

2017-05-04: I think have the right socks on today. #StarWarsDay



2017-04-09: ✈️ 🇮🇪

2017-04-05: Fixing up my blog, and moving it to a subdomain! 🤓 🌎 💻 #programmer #programming …

2017-04-04: Finally implemented the entire DarkSky Forecast API, it’s probably time I got the interface …

2017-04-04: Only Fantastic Beasts can get me through this incredibly boring Android/Java work for university! 🤓 …

2017-04-03: 🍞🍳

2017-03-28: Popped into the Lego store!

2017-03-28: China Town 🇬🇧 🇨🇳 #ChinaTown #London #Obscura

2017-03-24: 🌄

2017-03-18: This sounds like the worst job in the world.

2017-03-13: It’s amazing what you can find on #PokemonGO! #Arsenal

2017-03-13: What a balcony!

2017-03-13: Algarve! ☀️ 🌊 ☁️ #Algarve #Portugal #Obscura

2017-03-12: 🌊 ☀️

2017-03-12: Being a student is really hard… ☀️ 🕶 🇵🇹

2017-03-11: 🧀 🎂

2017-03-11: Every hour is beer hour! 🍺 🇵🇹

2017-03-11: Chicken nuggets, meatballs, onion rings, and chips in a basket!

2017-03-11: This is how I make ham and cheese croissants! 🥐 🧀 🐷

2017-03-10: You know what they say, when in Portugal…

2017-03-10: 🇵🇹 ☀️ 🌊

2017-03-10: View from the balcony!

2017-03-09: ✈️ 🌅

2017-03-06: There’s already a Switch in CEX!

2017-03-06: Crepe time!

2017-03-05: Time for some Heroes of the Storm!

2017-03-01: Waffles and Ice Cream from @rebeccarobot!

2017-02-27: #London #Obscura

2017-02-21: The last sunset I’ll see in Barcelona! 🇪🇸

2017-02-21: Anciano 🇪🇸

2017-02-21: View from Sagrada Familia

2017-02-20: The sun is setting in Barcelona!

2017-02-20: Macba

2017-02-20: 😳🇪🇸⚽️🙌🏻✅

2017-02-20: From all #Arsenal fans!

2017-02-20: 5 Champions League Trophies! ⚽️ 🏆 🇪🇸

2017-02-20: #Obscura #SagradaFamilia #Barcelona

2017-02-20: #Obscura #SagradaFamilia

2017-02-20: Bloody graffiti artists!

2017-02-19: Gotta catch em all! #Pokemon #Metro #Barcelona #Pikachu

2017-02-18: The Bloody Mary sounds disgusting! 😷

2017-02-18: Half a Litre! 🍺

2017-02-18: 🇪🇸

2017-02-18: 🇪🇸 ☀️ 🌴

2017-02-18: Now the other side.

2017-02-18: Sagrada Familia #Barcelona #Obscura

2017-02-17: 🇪🇸

2017-02-17: 🇪🇸 Barcelona ✅ ☀️ Sun ✅ 🏄🏼 Skateboard ✅ 🕶 Sunglasses ✅

2017-02-11: Pretty standard English coast.

2017-02-11: “What do you want your sign to say?” “Hashtag Hair please” #hashtag

2017-02-11: 🌯

2017-02-11: Two goals for Sanchez! ⚽️⚽️ Two beers for me! 🍺🍺 #Beer #Sanchez #Arsenal

2017-02-03: 🍦

2017-02-01: Gloomy day in London.

2017-01-26: 🦁 👑

2017-01-24: Stocked up on coffee again! ☕️

2017-01-16: Bowling with @rebeccarobot

2017-01-16: Some pretty cool lights!

2017-01-16: Beach weather?

2017-01-16: Woops.

2017-01-15: Out for Chinese with @rebeccarobot!

2017-01-14: 🍩😱👏🏼

2017-01-14: Java work for University!

2017-01-05: The base coats are done! 🦈 🎨

2017-01-05: Pots of Art with @rebeccarobot and @jen_star_uk 🦈

2017-01-03: Since getting a coffee machine for Christmas, my collection has been growing very fast! …

2017-01-01: Chinese with @rebeccarobot!

2016-12-27: A nice blank-paged Moleskine notebook, ready for my 2017 journal!

2016-12-25: What’s Christmas without Lynx Africa?

2016-12-23: This should be fun!

2016-12-20: Late night skate!

2016-12-10: Me and Rebecca at her second graduation! 🎓🎓

2016-12-08: I just released a FREE iPhone game called #TapGap, where you have to tap the screen when the line is …

2016-12-01: Beer time 🍺

2016-11-30: #autumn #leaves #obscura

2016-11-24: Just signed. #AFCStadiumTour #Arsenal

2016-11-24: Just look at that view! #AFCStadiumTour

2016-11-24: Welbeck has probably been in this dressing gown for over a year. #Arsenal #Welbeck

2016-11-09: Welcome your new leader, Chancellor Trump. #Trump #USElection

2016-10-16: Rebecca made pancakes!

2016-10-10: Olympic diver 🏊🏼 or shrimp? 🍤

2016-10-06: Rebecca cooked some huge pasta tonight! 🍴

2016-10-05: My sweet has a pair of bollocks!

2016-10-03: This is why Apple need to bring out a new MacBook. I have 31 stickers waiting for it! My iPad and …

2016-09-27: And a Dewgong!

2016-09-27: I just found a Sandslash!

2016-09-25: That escalated quickly.

2016-09-22: Woof! Big Issue?

2016-09-21: I’ve just released a Sticker pack for iMessage! Featuring 30+ pixelated stickers! (Link in …

2016-08-25: Just drove this little guy to Malia. 🇬🇷

2016-08-24: I went on a boat! ⛵️

2016-08-20: Just an Iguana catching a ride.

2016-08-16: The Sky in Hersonissos, Crete. 🌌 ☀️ 🇬🇷

2016-08-15: Birthday meal/drinks with @rebeccarobot 🎉🎂🍺

2016-08-15: When your bar opens before you’ve decided on a name.

2016-08-09: New Vans! 🔑👟🕶

2016-06-24: We’ve been to too many pubs, but we’ve now ended up at the VIP section of a random club …

2016-06-24: First Cocktail of @mastermarcolino’s Stag Weekend, and it’s a Red Army!

2016-06-06: 😬

2016-05-29: #KAWS

2016-05-02: I picked up a Holga 135 over the weekend! Only £2!

2016-04-23: Late breakfast! #food #foodporn #breakfast

2016-03-08: Just got a random new Dark Kinder Bueno in the post! #loveythedark #imawarehowoddthelasthasttagis

2016-03-05: Look who I caught! #Pokemon #Mew

2016-03-04: My #Pokemon 2DS is here!

2016-02-15: #Brighton

2016-02-13: Disney fancy dress!

2016-02-12: My mum told me to decorate the trifle.

2016-01-26: Support App Recap by getting one of these Tees! They start from just £8 and the link in my bio will …

2016-01-23: It finally arrived!

2016-01-21: #couplegoals

2016-01-09: Tom Daley signs! #ManUtd #MUFC #ManU #manunited

2015-12-31: Last breakfast in Italy.

2015-12-30: Another day at the lake!

2015-12-30: This is as continental as my breakfast gets.

2015-12-29: Lake Garda #peschiera #italy #lake #garda #lakegarda #water #italia #bridge

2015-12-29: Sealife Aquarium in Lake Garda! #lake #Garda #sealife #fish #starfish

2015-12-29: Ice Cream!

2015-12-28: Tonight’s restaurant!

2015-12-28: The steak was a bit more “alive” than I’m used to!

2015-12-28: The water is super clear!

2015-12-28: Coffee time!

2015-12-28: Lake Garda

2015-12-27: Lake Garda

2015-12-27: Boarding!

2015-12-27: Pre-flight Starbucks!

2015-12-26: McDonald’s before we head off to Gatwick.

2015-12-23: Italy in 4 days!

2015-12-21: Asleep as usual.

2015-12-18: #BB8 Cup!

2015-12-17: The Force Awakens!

2015-12-15: Free Popcorn in the mail!

2015-12-15: Myrtle sleeping on a box as usual.

2015-11-22: Rebecca has made some odd Yorkshire puddings. #yorkie #roast #food

2015-11-18: Even more specifically, the entire needs of a Man.

2015-11-18: Long tee steez

2015-11-18: Natural History Museum!

2015-11-17: #England vs #France

2015-11-17: Good seats!

2015-11-17: Wembley is looking nice!

2015-11-06: Wooo! Call of Duty is here already!


2015-10-31: Halloween! 👻🎃


2015-10-17: I’ve never heard this rhyme before!

2015-10-13: Whoops!

2015-10-09: Back to my favourite seat at university. I’m only in my second week of this year and already …

2015-10-07: The struggles…

2015-10-05: Who would of thought that I’m 23. #Pokemon #indigoleague

2015-09-30: Look what I saw at Euston! @disciplineskateboards @matlloydpoet

2015-09-27: I’ve just started to learn Lift/Scala, it is confusing! #programming #web #lift #scala

2015-09-27: The cats are actually sat together for once!

2015-09-25: My eBook “Choosing a Blogging Platform is now available in iBooks! Search for “Choosing …


2015-09-18: Since when has stapling been an option in Word?

2015-09-16: If it gets cold you could always put one of these on.

2015-09-15: Reading through my first draft with a bit of Sheckler Sessions in the background!

2015-09-08: Here’s a before and after of my latest haircut, definitely a bit tidier.

2015-08-30: Half a mouthful, that’s £1.55. #thievingbastards

2015-08-30: £2 for this tiny toastie at M&S, thieving bastards.

2015-08-28: Instagram now supports portrait/landscape pictures. I thought I’d celebrate that with a …

2015-08-28: Another picture from Whipsnade Zoo, this time it’s one of their free-roaming Mara. #ZSL …

2015-08-27: Here’s another photo from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, it’s a Tiger Longwing Butterfly. #ZSL #zoo …

2015-08-27: Here is a Large Tree Nymph Butterfly, that I saw at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. #zoo #ZSL #animal #butterfly …

2015-08-11: Just in case no ones seen a sunset before.

2015-08-11: Here are the latest seeds that I’ve planted. I’ve forgotten what they are, so I guess …

2015-07-17: The true test of patience. #Pokemon #magikarp #gyarados

2015-07-14: One of the many plants that I’ve grown from a seed! It was actually supposed to be a herb!

2015-07-04: Good night out in London!

2015-07-04: When you want that really cheeky Nandos.

2015-07-03: There’s a storm! #storm #lightning #bolt

2015-07-01: There was over 3000 in my inbox about 2 hours ago.

2015-06-24: Just got my overall grades for my first year at uni!

2015-06-15: I reviewed two apps recently: Jurassic World and Try Harder. You can find them both on my website …

2015-06-08: Clacton-on-Sea with Rebecca!

2015-06-08: They’re always happy!

2015-06-06: Rebecca got me a pizza!

2015-05-28: Going by my Health app I haven’t been as active today!

2015-05-28: I just made a new story on @stellerstories. Check it out + follow me. My username is: chrishannah. …

2015-05-27: Pizza!

2015-05-27: I didn’t realise a large Peroni was a 660ml bottle! 🙀

2015-05-26: I thought I’d have a walk around in London today, seeing as I have to be at uni for 2pm. …

2015-05-25: My bonsai is getting there! #bonsai #plant #tree

2015-05-25: I made a little thing on Steller earlier, about the Warner Bros Studio Tour! …

2015-05-22: Bluebells #flower #ashridge #woods #purple #bluebell #nature

2015-05-22: Ashridge!

2015-05-22: Forsythia #flower #nature #forsythia #yellow #spring

2015-05-15: #axolotl #amphibian #tank #animal #zoo #londonzoo #mudkip

2015-05-15: #axolotl #amphibian #tank #animal #zoo #londonzoo #mudkip

2015-05-14: All back to normal with a 93%

2015-05-12: Hogwarts Express! #harrypotter #wbstudiotour #warnerbros #hogwartsexpress #train

2015-05-12: Hogwarts Express! #harrypotter #wbstudiotour #warnerbros #hogwartsexpress #train

2015-05-12: These are my current grades for my Computing module. 70% is a First.

2015-05-10: #nature #woods #sky #landscape #ashridge #pano

2015-05-10: #nature #woods #sky #landscape #ashridge #pano

2015-05-10: #nature #woods #sky #landscape #ashridge #pano

2015-05-10: #bluebells #flower #woods #trees #ashridge #nature #pano

2015-05-10: #bluebells #flower #woods #trees #ashridge #nature #pano

2015-05-10: #bluebells #flower #woods #trees #ashridge #nature #pano

2015-05-07: Bill Splitter - Split a Bill and Add a Tip! My new app for iPhone and Apple Watch! Link in my bio! …

2015-05-02: Star Wars Cereal #yesim22

2015-04-26: Yes! Sky Sports put my tweet up!

2015-04-20: Blogging in Costa before Uni!

2015-04-20: Here’s what my #bonsai is looking like at the minute!

2015-04-15: We do like our tea at work! #Brit #tea

2015-04-13: Dream Car! 🚗💭 #Nissan #gtr #car

2015-04-12: Playing Pokemon with an Xbox controller! #Pokemon #Rom #emulator #gba

2015-04-12: Can’t turn down a bit of crumpet in the morning!

2015-04-09: #Snapchat!

2015-04-09: #Arsenal #ManchesterCity #Football #4thPlace

2015-04-05: Pygmy Goat Selfie!

2015-04-04: £7 bargain!

2015-03-26: BUTTERBEER! (Served at all respectable pubs)

2015-03-26: I don’t post many pictures of myself, but I just chilled out on a pretty comfy Hogwarts …

2015-03-26: Inside! #hogwartsexpress #harrypotter

2015-03-26: Hogwarts Express!

2015-03-26: New addition to the tour!

2015-03-26: Warner Brothers Studio Tour! For the fourth time! #harrypotter

2015-03-20: This is all i managed to get on my iPhone. #eclipse

2015-03-19: Lord Bendtner strikes again! #lordbendtner #lord #bendtner #wolfsburg

2015-03-16: Damn right my code is javadoc compatible! #programming #java #javadoc #university

2015-03-10: Doing a bit of website work at uni!

2015-03-10: Nice day in #london today!

2015-03-05: New shoes! #purple #vans

2015-03-01: Good game today! #Arsenal

2015-02-27: My #bonsai!

2015-02-22: I didn’t realise the BlackBerry battery was that good!

2015-02-17: First #Pancake of the day!

2015-02-03: This is a bit strange, randomly got a postcard from @echosmith!

2015-01-23: #GameOver

2015-01-19: If you have kids and an iPhone, then check out my latest game! It’s a fun animal memory …

2015-01-12: 97% on my first programming coursework!

2015-01-08: Found a little hidden lounge at uni. Even has a 50p coffee machine.

2015-01-05: #London!

2015-01-05: Got to London a bit early today!

2015-01-02: New green Lakais came! @lakailtd #lakai #skate #green #shoe

2015-01-01: I guess the chair was a good purchase.

2014-12-28: Arsenal’s twelfth man today! #arsenal #westham #WHUvARS #alexsong

2014-12-25: From the bottle!

2014-12-25: #nerdmonopoly


2014-12-22: When I get bored… #Dumbledore #kimjongun

2014-12-16: My Christmas jumper arrived!

2014-12-16: #KingHenry

2014-12-08: This is my spot when I get to uni early!

2014-12-04: My coursework still looks pretty good!

2014-12-03: Nandos chicken and chips!

2014-12-03: #HUNGRYGAMES

2014-12-03: This films really popular

2014-12-02: Some Spanish beer!

2014-12-01: My coursework looks pretty good, if I must say so myself. #programming

2014-11-20: The dream #arsenal lineup

2014-11-18: Someone left this in the uni toilets

2014-11-16: Draw me like one of them french girls. #cat #kitten

2014-11-15: Found Myrtle in the bath again. Then she decided I was a better bed.

2014-11-14: Thieving bastards!

2014-11-12: Myrtle has now decided she likes to sit in the bath.

2014-11-11: Enough programming for tonight. #ios #programming

2014-11-08: I’m #cooking again tonight! #stirfry

2014-11-06: It’s a bit chilly this morning.

2014-11-04: I think #Arsenal got the better deal.

2014-10-28: My #bonsai #sapling has been repotted! #plants #bonsaitree

2014-10-21: Made a little cheesecake! #cooking #chef #food #foodporn #cheescake

2014-10-19: Grilled Stuffed Pepper with Chicken and Cheese!

2014-10-10: I’m cheffing it again! #stirfry #cooking #chef


2014-10-09: Just got to Wembley! Ready for tonight’s game!

2014-10-03: I’m making stir fry!

2014-09-26: Big day here tomorrow! #arsenal #northlondonderby

2014-09-24: Isn’t this meant to be in the road? #slow #roadsign

2014-09-23: New shoes! #lakai

2014-09-21: My Bamboo! #bamboo #arrowbamboo #plant

2014-09-20: It’s out of the oven! #cake #baking

2014-09-20: Cake time! #baking #cake

2014-09-17: Tuna pasta for lunch! #healthy #food

2014-09-15: May as well come here for a bit!

2014-09-15: I’m now officially a student!

2014-09-12: My little #bonsai

2014-09-07: #Winners

2014-09-04: #GREAZE

2014-09-04: I now forever own a bit of Hermione Granger. #itsnotthatcreepy

2014-09-03: Butterbeer!

2014-09-03: Quick coffee before I head into @wbstudiotour for the 3rd time!

2014-08-31: #SundayClub is looking pretty empty at the moment!

2014-08-31: My first bonsai tree has germinated! #bonsai #plants

2014-08-29: Chimpanzee brain

2014-08-29: Just made myself egg and meatball muffins!

2014-08-28: #london

2014-08-28: Should of worn my Arsenal shirt.

2014-08-28: Here is the Apple I! #sciencemuseum #apple

2014-08-27: Coffee game has been upped.

2014-08-25: I Amsterdam! #amsterdam #architecture #iamsterdam #building

2014-08-22: #tourist

2014-08-22: #tourist


2014-08-18: My birthday present has finally arrived! #Arsenal #Arsenalfc #Ozil

2014-08-09: This guy is looking awesome!

2014-08-06: Late night session

2014-08-02: #EmiratesCup #Arsenal #ArsenalFC

2014-07-22: New Mug! #GoT #GameofThrones

2014-07-16: #Up before bed! #disney

2014-07-16: It got much bigger than this!


2014-07-15: Movie night again.

2014-07-14: I’m getting better at this.

2014-07-12: North London is Red. #Arsenal #Puma

2014-07-09: My 50mm arrived!


2014-07-07: New shoes!

2014-07-06: I got a portable USB battery pack!

2014-07-06: Reworking my blog! #webdesign

2014-07-05: They’ve been upgraded to bigger pots! #gardening #bamboo #palm

2014-07-03: The best picture I’ve ever seen.

2014-07-02: Time for a nice cider!

2014-06-29: My new Bamboo and Palm Tree!

2014-06-27: Outdoor film night setup

2014-06-27: I’m not counting.


2014-06-23: #London

2014-06-22: My latest invention… Marmite Chicken!


2014-06-22: !

2014-06-21: I stole a sign from a protest in London



2014-06-21: London!

2014-06-18: Already!

2014-06-15: Done! #baking

2014-06-15: Out of the oven! #baking

2014-06-15: They’re going in! #baking

2014-06-14: These songs will do fine for tonight.

2014-05-30: Cast is off! Now I have a skinny left leg!

2014-05-21: Just gone to see the Master Baiter in World of Warcraft! #wow

2014-05-19: The sun’s coming up, time for bed.

2014-05-16: My new watch arrived! #Rotary #Watch

2014-05-14: Oh yeah. #geek

2014-05-13: Woo skinny joggers! They look good minus the cast.

2014-05-12: Here’s one benefit of waking up early. #Pokemon

2014-05-12: One benefit of being single! You get to eat the last rolo! #ROLO

2014-05-05: I’ve created an image hosting service from scratch!

2014-05-04: Come on #Arsenal

2014-05-02: Unlucky Yoda. #yoda

2014-04-25: New cast today! Turns out I got #Arsenal red! #brokenbone

2014-04-23: Woooo! Look what I’ve been getting up to, now I’m off work for a bit! Oh yeah, nothing!

2014-04-18: Another update. You can now see the way to my toes. #ouch

2014-04-17: I’m liking the special treatment!

2014-04-17: Whoops

2014-04-14: I’m all Game of Thrones wallpapered up after that episode.

2014-04-14: All set for Game of Thrones! #got #mac #beer #gameofthrones

2014-04-14: !

2014-04-11: Kentucky Friday Chicken #kfc

2014-04-11: #HedwigSelfie

2014-04-04: A firm tug? 😳

2014-04-04: At least I have Spotify while studying before my Electrical Testing course!

2014-04-01: Currently trying out Spotify Premium!

2014-03-30: Treated myself to 5 new fish and 3 Shrimp today!

2014-03-29: It’s coming! #AFCvMCFC

2014-03-26: Look at them levels, barely into Mt.Moon #pokemon

2014-03-25: Come at me Brock #pokemon

2014-03-17: North London.

2014-03-15: I got a curry, Jade got pizza. Now to watch Pokemon.

2014-03-15: Treated myself to a manly Korma.

2014-03-15: Skateboarding!!!


2014-03-13: It’s getting tense!

2014-03-12: Woo free Starbucks!

2014-03-09: The Lions are clearly all worked out.

2014-03-09: Elephants! @zslwhipsnadezoo

2014-03-09: Just arrived at the Zoo!

2014-03-08: Peroni!

2014-03-07: Splinters aren’t fun, especially when they’re so bad you have to use a knife to remove …

2014-03-05: Best Radio Station!

2014-03-03: #teaselfie

2014-02-25: Clearly they couldn’t find 4 the same colour!

2014-02-18: Check out my game for iPhone! #FloppyTurd #app #game …

2014-02-17: Back in Azeroth

2014-02-15: LOTR Complete

2014-02-14: Embarking on an all night LOTR marathon with @thomdillon and @verbaud

2014-02-14: Here she is.

2014-02-14: Happy Valentines Day to my partner!

2014-02-13: I had to buy this after seeing them last night.

2014-02-12: A Day To Remember!

2014-02-12: I PASSED!

2014-02-11: #FloppyTurd out soon on iOS!

2014-02-09: Avoid the toilet rolls! #FloppyTurd #iOS #game

2014-02-09: You might not have to wait long! #floppyturd

2014-02-09: Wouldn’t it be cool if you were a turd flying through piles of toilet roll? #FloppyTurd #poo …

2014-02-08: Came home to find a pussy in my bed.

2014-02-07: I got lumped with helping do the shopping

2014-02-07: Finally getting some sun and a blue sky! #sun #sunny #sunnyday #TagsForLikes #sunnydays #sunlight …

2014-02-06: Best crisps ever at work! #crisps #frazzles

2014-02-05: Smokey Starbucks.

2014-02-05: Need to go back! #Amsterdam

2014-02-03: I need new glasses, I had to take them off because they’re giving me a headache! #headache …

2014-02-01: Haven’t been here in a while!

2014-01-25: #Amsterdam



2014-01-17: For some reason I like to take pictures of clouds.

2014-01-16: My @lovenskate goodies arrived!

2013-12-28: Bow ties are cool

2013-12-25: Kneel before me.

2013-11-30: Initiation complete #instajon

2013-11-26: Winter!

2013-11-24: Myrtle put herself to bed.

2013-10-24: Now using my #arduino again!

2013-10-22: Daily cat picture.

2013-10-03: My Janoski’s!

2013-08-26: Lunch in the sun.

2013-08-25: Sunset in Amsterdam

2013-08-25: I Amsterdam

2013-08-25: Hotel View

2013-08-24: Amsterdam Canal!

2013-08-17: My birthday cake!

2013-07-04: #cows #sunset


2013-06-02: Finally Headless Nick!




2013-05-06: Lioness

2013-05-06: Flamingos

2013-05-02: Tonight’s progress, infinite dashboard, with automatic styling.

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